Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diary ng Panget Fan Art Sketch by CamsAnn

I'm not actually a fangirl of such artists before, but I am a fan of Diary ng Panget wattpad story then when I knew that James and Nadine will be the casts of the Movie, I'd become excited and I can’t explain the feeling, I just know it is happiness. Then after sometime, I'd like to be updated to their life. I’ve noticed that I’m not focusing on the story but then the real personality of them. Not Eyoss but rather JaDine. They give me inspiration and finally I knew the feeling of being a fangirl... I love Jadine for who they are... because they are really cute together and I'm happy whenever I see them.

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Reading and Writing in Wattpad

I'm not a fan of reading and writing stories before... until I just try and realize how it feels so good when you do.

READING... is a very interesting habit for me, it makes me realize of something... something that help me discover those that I need most in my life.

WRITING... is somewhat a very creative way of teaching someone a lesson about life.

*^_^*  I'm an author of DESTINY.

I write stories to give inspiration to those who are hopeless... and need some guide in their problems in life... usually in love, family, friendship and in faith... also to those that are Wattpad readers that wants to spend their time reading stories because they felt happiness when they are doing it.

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