I am CamsAnn, an aspiring author who writes stories in Wattpad

Welcome to my personal blog. I am CamsAnn, an aspiring author who writes stories in Wattpad. One of my dreams is to inspire people through the stories that I wrote. I am a girl who loves to sketch, read, sing, and watch movies and Korean drama series.

I live in San Rafael, Bulacan – a province in Central Luzon, Philippines. I will be graduating in high school this March 2015 - last batch of graduates before the implementation of K-12 education system in the Philippines.

I believe in God. I know that faith is a very great source of power and determination in life. As long as I learned lessons in life, I’ll never stop sharing and inspiring people the way I know – through my writings. This is my escape, and at the same time, my dream.

I may be a stranger to you, but I would like to inspire you.

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